established June 1, 1796 formerly known as Province of North Carolina, Southwest Territory
flag of Tennessee
seal of Tennessee
Tennessee two letter code: TN
capital: Nashville est. 1826
6,897,576 ( 88.08 people per square mile )
Big Bend State
Butternut State
Hog and Hominy State
The Mother of Southwestern Statesmen
Volunteer State
8 Neighboring States:
North Carolina
6 Areacodes:
423     615     731     865     901     931    
Airport : 208
Gliderport : 2
Heliport : 113
Seaplane Base : 1
Ultralight : 3
Electoral Votes: 11
State Motto: Agriculture and Commerce
Highest point in Tennessee: Clingmans Dome , 6,643 feet
fossil Bivalve
fossil scientific name Pterotrigonia thoracica
tree Tulip-tree
tree binomial nomenclature Liriodendron tulipifera
flower Iris
flower scientificname Iris
fish Largemouth bass
fish binomial nomenclature Micropterus salmoides
bird Mockingbird
game bird Bobwhite quail
reptile Eastern box turtle
reptile scientific name Terrapene carolinasubspecies carolina
insect Common eastern firefly
insect scientific name Photinus pyralis
horse Tennessee Walking Horse
butterfly Zebra swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Eurytides marcellus
amphibian Tennessee cave salamander
amphibian binomial nomenclature Gyrinophilus palleucus
land mammal Raccoon
mineral Agate
rock or stone Limestone
gemstone Tennessee River Pearl
zipcodes for Tennessee : 24205 37010 37011 37012 37013 37015 37016
all 630 zipcodes for Tennessee
Crime Chart Tennessee Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 6,549,352 318,857,056
violent crimes 39,8481,197,987
violent crime rate608.4375.7
murder and manslaughter37114,249
murder and manslaughter rate5.74.5
rape rate38.636.6
robbery rate110.9102.2
aggravated assault29,681741,291
aggravated assault rate453.2232.5
property crimes200,4478,277,829
property crime rate3060.62596.1
burglary rate712.2542.5
larceny theft141,2065,858,496
larceny theft rate2156.01837.3
motor vechicle theft12,599689,527
motor vehicle theft rate192.4216.2
429 cities in Tennessee
Map City Population
Nashville 678,889
Memphis 655,770
Knoxville 185,291
Chattanooga 176,588
Clarksville 149,176
Murfreesboro 126,118
Franklin 72,639
Jackson 66,975
Johnson City 66,027
Bartlett 58,579
95 counties in Tennessee
County Population
Shelby 937,166
Davidson 694,144
Knox 470,313
Hamilton 367,804
Rutherford 332,285
Williamson 238,412
Montgomery 208,993
Sumner 191,283
Sullivan 158,348
Wilson 144,657