Rhode Island

established May 29, 1790 formerly known as Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, then sovereign state in Confederation
flag of Rhode Island
seal of Rhode Island
coat of arms of Rhode Island
Coat of arms
Rhode Island two letter code: RI
capital: Providence est. 1900
1,056,161 ( 1006.00 people per square mile )
Little Rhody
Ocean State
3 Neighboring States:
New York (water border)
1 Areacodes:
Airport : 9
Heliport : 14
Seaplane Base : 1
Electoral Votes: 4
State Motto: Hope
Highest point in Rhode Island: Jerimoth Hill , 812 feet
tree Red Maple
tree binomial nomenclature Acer rubrum
flower Violet
flower scientificname Viola
fish Striped bass
fish binomial nomenclature Morone saxatilis
bird Rhode Island Red
shell Northern quahog
insect American burying beetle
insect scientific name Nicrophorus americanus
mineral Bowenite serpentine
rock or stone Cumberlandite
zipcodes for Rhode Island : 02801 02802 02804 02806 02807 02808 02809
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Crime Chart Rhode Island Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 1,055,173 318,857,056
violent crimes 2,3131,197,987
violent crime rate219.2375.7
murder and manslaughter2514,249
murder and manslaughter rate2.44.5
rape rate34.236.6
robbery rate50.1102.2
aggravated assault1,398741,291
aggravated assault rate132.5232.5
property crimes22,9358,277,829
property crime rate2173.62596.1
burglary rate457.1542.5
larceny theft16,2795,858,496
larceny theft rate1542.81837.3
motor vechicle theft1,833689,527
motor vehicle theft rate173.7216.2
67 cities in Rhode Island
Map City Population
Providence 179,207
Warwick 81,699
Cranston 81,073
Pawtucket 71,591
East Providence 47,408
Woonsocket 41,475
Coventry 34,988
Cumberland 34,529
North Providence 32,480
South Kingstown 30,826
5 counties in Rhode Island
County Population
Providence 638,931
Kent 164,292
Washington 125,577
Newport 82,082
Bristol 48,479