established Nov. 16, 1907 formerly known as Oklahoma Territory & Indian Territory
flag of Oklahoma
seal of Oklahoma
Oklahoma two letter code: OK
capital: Oklahoma City est. 1910
3,954,821 ( 55.22 people per square mile )
Native America
Sooner State
6 Neighboring States:
New Mexico
3 Areacodes:
405     580     918    
Airport : 293
Heliport : 86
Seaplane Base : 1
Ultralight : 4
Electoral Votes: 7
State Motto: Labor omnia vincit
english translation: Labor conquers all things
Highest point in Oklahoma: Black Mesa , 4,973 feet
fossil Saurophaganax
fossil scientific name Saurophaganax maximus
tree Eastern Redbud
tree binomial nomenclature Cercis canadensis
flower Oklahoma rose
flower scientificname Rosa
grass Indian grass
grass scientific name Sorghastrum nutans
fish White bass
fish binomial nomenclature Morone chrysops
bird Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
game bird Wild turkey
wildlife mammal White-tailed deer
reptile Common collared lizard
reptile scientific name Crotaphytus collaris
insect European honey bee
insect scientific name Apis mellifera
bat Mexican free-tailed bat
bat binomial nomenclature Tadarida brasiliensis
butterfly Black swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Papilio polyxenes
amphibian American bullfrog
amphibian binomial nomenclature Rana catesbeiana
dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
land mammal Bison
rock or stone Rose Rock (Barite)
zipcodes for Oklahoma : 73002 73003 73004 73005 73006 73007 73008
all 722 zipcodes for Oklahoma
Crime Chart Oklahoma Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 3,878,051 318,857,056
violent crimes 15,7441,197,987
violent crime rate406.0375.7
murder and manslaughter17514,249
murder and manslaughter rate4.54.5
rape rate45.836.6
robbery rate78.6102.2
aggravated assault10,744741,291
aggravated assault rate277.0232.5
property crimes115,9828,277,829
property crime rate2990.72596.1
burglary rate760.9542.5
larceny theft75,8915,858,496
larceny theft rate1956.91837.3
motor vechicle theft10,583689,527
motor vehicle theft rate272.9216.2
743 cities in Oklahoma
Map City Population
Oklahoma City 631,346
Tulsa 403,505
Norman 120,284
Broken Arrow 106,563
Lawton 96,655
Edmond 90,092
Moore 60,451
Midwest City 57,249
Enid 51,776
Stillwater 48,967
77 counties in Oklahoma
County Population
Oklahoma 797,434
Tulsa 651,552
Cleveland 284,014
Canadian 148,306
Comanche 120,749
Rogers 92,459
Payne 81,784
Wagoner 81,289
Pottawatomie 72,592
Creek 71,522