North Carolina

established Nov. 21, 1789 formerly known as Province of North Carolina, then sovereign state in Confederation
flag of North Carolina
seal of North Carolina
North Carolina two letter code: NC
capital: Raleigh est. 1792
10,611,862 ( 198.20 people per square mile )
Old North State
Tar Heel State
Turpentine State
Variety Vacationland
First in Flight State
4 Neighboring States:
South Carolina
7 Areacodes:
252     336     704     828     910     919     980    
Airport : 342
Balloonport : 1
Gliderport : 1
Heliport : 109
Seaplane Base : 1
Ultralight : 4
Electoral Votes: 15
State Motto: Esse quam videri
english translation: To be, rather than to seem
Highest point in North Carolina: Mount Mitchell , 6,684 feet
fossil Shark tooth
fossil scientific name Carcharodon/Carcharocles megalodon
tree Pine
tree binomial nomenclature Pinus
flower Flowering dogwood
flower scientificname Cornus florida
fish Channel Bass
fish binomial nomenclature Sciaenops ocellatus
bird Cardinal
shell Scotch bonnet
reptile Eastern box turtle
reptile scientific name Terrapene carolinasubspecies carolina
insect European honey bee
insect scientific name Apis mellifera
horse Colonial Spanish Mustang
pet Plott Hound
butterfly Eastern tiger swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Papilio glaucus
dog Plott Hound
land mammal Gray Squirrel
mineral Gold
rock or stone Granite
gemstone Emerald
zipcodes for North Carolina : 27006 27010 27011 27012 27013 27014 27016
all 910 zipcodes for North Carolina
Crime Chart North Carolina Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 9,943,964 318,857,056
violent crimes 32,7671,197,987
violent crime rate329.5375.7
murder and manslaughter51014,249
murder and manslaughter rate5.14.5
rape rate24.336.6
robbery rate84.6102.2
aggravated assault21,421741,291
aggravated assault rate215.4232.5
property crimes285,6978,277,829
property crime rate2873.12596.1
burglary rate798.2542.5
larceny theft192,6945,858,496
larceny theft rate1937.81837.3
motor vechicle theft13,630689,527
motor vehicle theft rate137.1216.2
739 cities in North Carolina
Map City Population
Charlotte 827,097
Raleigh 451,066
Greensboro 285,342
Durham 257,636
Winston-Salem 241,218
Fayetteville 201,963
Cary 159,769
Wilmington 115,933
High Point 110,268
Greenville 90,597
100 counties in North Carolina
County Population
Wake 1,111,761
Mecklenburg 1,110,356
Guilford 537,174
Forsyth 382,295
Cumberland 335,509
Durham 321,488
Buncombe 261,191
Union 239,859
New Hanover 234,473
Gaston 224,529