New Hampshire

established June 21, 1788 formerly known as Province of New Hampshire, then sovereign state in Confederation
flag of New Hampshire
seal of New Hampshire
New Hampshire two letter code: NH
capital: Concord est. 1808
1,371,246 ( 147.00 people per square mile )
Granite State
The Live Free or Die State
Mother of Rivers
White Mountain State
3 Neighboring States:
1 Areacodes:
Airport : 53
Heliport : 79
Seaplane Base : 8
Electoral Votes: 4
State Motto: Live Free or Die
Highest point in New Hampshire: Mount Washington , 6,288 feet
tree American White Birch
tree binomial nomenclature Betula papyrifera
flower Purple lilac
flower scientificname Syringa vulgaris
fish Brook trout
fish binomial nomenclature Salvelinus fontinalis
bird Purple Finch
insect 7-spotted ladybug
insect scientific name Coccinella septempunctata
pet Chinook
butterfly Karner blue butterfly
butterfly binomial nomenclature Lycaeides melissa ssp. samuelis
amphibian Red-spotted newt
amphibian binomial nomenclature Notophthalmus viridescens
dog Chinook
land mammal White-tailed deer
mineral Beryl
rock or stone Granite
gemstone Smoky quartz
zipcodes for New Hampshire : 01952 03031 03032 03033 03034 03036 03037
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Crime Chart New Hampshire Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 1,326,813 318,857,056
violent crimes 2,6021,197,987
violent crime rate196.1375.7
murder and manslaughter1214,249
murder and manslaughter rate0.94.5
rape rate44.836.6
robbery rate40.5102.2
aggravated assault1,459741,291
aggravated assault rate110.0232.5
property crimes26,0418,277,829
property crime rate1962.72596.1
burglary rate313.7542.5
larceny theft21,0225,858,496
larceny theft rate1584.41837.3
motor vechicle theft857689,527
motor vehicle theft rate64.6216.2
318 cities in New Hampshire
Map City Population
Manchester 110,229
Nashua 87,970
Concord 42,620
Derry 33,199
Dover 30,880
Rochester 30,038
Salem 28,898
Merrimack 25,648
Londonderry 25,196
Hudson 24,911
10 counties in New Hampshire
County Population
Hillsborough 417,025
Rockingham 309,769
Merrimack 151,391
Strafford 130,633
Grafton 89,886
Cheshire 76,085
Belknap 61,303
Carroll 48,910
Sullivan 43,146
Coos 31,563