established Dec. 10, 1817 formerly known as Mississippi Territory
flag of Mississippi
seal of Mississippi
coat of arms of Mississippi
Coat of arms
Mississippi two letter code: MS
capital: Jackson est. 1821
2,989,260 ( 63.50 people per square mile )
Hospitality State
Magnolia State
The Birthplace of America's Music
The Bayou State
4 Neighboring States:
4 Areacodes:
228     601     662     769    
Airport : 187
Heliport : 44
Electoral Votes: 6
State Motto: Virtute et armis
english translation: By valor and arms
Highest point in Mississippi: Woodall Mountain , 806 feet
fossil Basilosaurus and Zygorhiza whales
fossil scientific name Basilosaurus cetoides Zygorhiza kochii
tree Southern Magnolia
tree binomial nomenclature Magnolia grandiflora
flower Magnolia
flower scientificname Magnolia
fish Largemouth bass
fish binomial nomenclature Micropterus salmoides
bird Mockingbird
shell Eastern oyster
reptile American alligator
reptile scientific name Alligator mississippiensis
insect European honey bee
insect scientific name Apis mellifera
butterfly Spicebush swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Papilio troilus
land mammal White-tailed deer
marine mammal Bottlenosed dolphin
rock or stone Petrified wood
zipcodes for Mississippi : 38601 38603 38606 38610 38611 38614 38617
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Crime Chart Mississippi Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 2,994,079 318,857,056
violent crimes 8,3381,197,987
violent crime rate278.5375.7
murder and manslaughter25814,249
murder and manslaughter rate8.64.5
rape rate35.336.6
robbery rate81.2102.2
aggravated assault4,592741,291
aggravated assault rate153.4232.5
property crimes87,4628,277,829
property crime rate2921.22596.1
burglary rate813.3542.5
larceny theft58,5915,858,496
larceny theft rate1956.91837.3
motor vechicle theft4,519689,527
motor vehicle theft rate150.9216.2
362 cities in Mississippi see all
Map City Population
Jackson 170,674
Gulfport 71,856
Southaven 52,589
Hattiesburg 46,805
Biloxi 45,637
Meridian 39,661
Olive Branch 36,010
Tupelo 35,680
Greenville 32,156
Horn Lake 26,915
82 counties in Mississippi see all
County Population
Hinds 231,840
Harrison 208,080
DeSoto 184,945
Rankin 155,271
Jackson 143,617
Madison 106,272
Lee 85,436
Forrest 74,897
Lauderdale 74,125
Jones 68,098