established Jan. 9, 1788 formerly known as Connecticut Colony, then sovereign state in Confederation
flag of Connecticut
seal of Connecticut
coat of arms of Connecticut
Coat of arms
Connecticut two letter code: CT
capital: Hartford est. 1875
3,563,077 ( 739.10 people per square mile )
Constitution State
Nutmeg State
Provision State
Blue Law State
Freestone State
Land of Steady Habits
3 Neighboring States:
New York
Rhode Island
4 Areacodes:
203     475     860     959    
Airport : 51
Heliport : 68
Seaplane Base : 4
Ultralight : 1
Electoral Votes: 7
State Motto: Qui transtulit sustinet
english translation: He who transplanted sustains
Highest point in Connecticut: Mount Frissell-South Slope , 2,372 feet
fossil Dinosaur tracks
fossil scientific name Eubrontes giganteus
tree White Oak
tree binomial nomenclature Quercus alba
flower Mountain laurel
flower scientificname Kalmia latifolia
fish American shad
fish binomial nomenclature Alosa sapidissima
bird Robin
shell Eastern oyster
insect European mantis
insect scientific name Mantis religiosa
marine mammal Sperm whale
mineral Almandine Garnet
zipcodes for Connecticut : 06001 06002 06006 06010 06011 06013 06016
all 431 zipcodes for Connecticut
Crime Chart Connecticut Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 3,596,677 318,857,056
violent crimes 8,5221,197,987
violent crime rate236.9375.7
murder and manslaughter8614,249
murder and manslaughter rate2.44.5
rape rate21.736.6
robbery rate87.8102.2
aggravated assault4,495741,291
aggravated assault rate125.0232.5
property crimes69,0708,277,829
property crime rate1920.42596.1
burglary rate332.4542.5
larceny theft51,0055,858,496
larceny theft rate1418.11837.3
motor vechicle theft6,110689,527
motor vehicle theft rate169.9216.2
312 cities in Connecticut
Map City Population
Bridgeport 147,629
Bridgeport (Town) 147,629
New Haven (Town) 130,322
New Haven 130,322
Stamford (Town) 128,874
Stamford 128,874
Hartford 124,006
Hartford (Town) 124,006
Waterbury 108,802
Waterbury (Town) 108,802
8 counties in Connecticut
County Population
Fairfield 943,332
Hartford 891,720
New Haven 854,757
New London 265,206
Litchfield 180,333
Middlesex 162,436
Tolland 150,721
Windham 116,782