established Feb. 14, 1912 formerly known as Arizona Territory
flag of Arizona
seal of Arizona
Arizona two letter code: AZ
capital: Phoenix est. 1889
7,378,494 ( 57.05 people per square mile )
Apache State
Aztec State
Baby State
Copper State
Grand Canyon State
Italy of America
Sand Hill State
Sunset State
Sweetheart State
Valentine State
5 Neighboring States:
New Mexico
5 Areacodes:
480     520     602     623     928    
Airport : 189
Gliderport : 3
Heliport : 108
Ultralight : 6
Electoral Votes: 11
State Motto: Ditat Deus
english translation: God enriches
Highest point in Arizona: Humphreys Peak , 12,633 feet
fossil Petrified wood
fossil scientific name Araucarioxylon arizonicum
tree Blue Palo Verde
tree binomial nomenclature Parkinsonia florida
flower Saguaro cactus blossom
flower scientificname Carnegiea gigantea
fish Apache trout
fish binomial nomenclature Oncorhynchus gilae (subspecies apache)
bird Cactus Wren
reptile Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake
reptile scientific name Crotalus willardisubspecies willardi
insect Two-tailed swallowtail
insect scientific name Papilio multicaudata
butterfly Two-tailed swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Papilio multicaudata
amphibian Arizona tree frog
amphibian binomial nomenclature Hyla eximia
land mammal Ring-tailed cat
mineral Copper
gemstone Turquoise
zipcodes for Arizona : 84536 84784 85001 85002 85003 85004 85005
all 506 zipcodes for Arizona
Crime Chart Arizona Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 6,731,484 318,857,056
violent crimes 26,9161,197,987
violent crime rate399.9375.7
murder and manslaughter31914,249
murder and manslaughter rate4.74.5
rape rate50.236.6
robbery rate92.8102.2
aggravated assault16,970741,291
aggravated assault rate252.1232.5
property crimes215,2408,277,829
property crime rate3197.52596.1
burglary rate647.1542.5
larceny theft154,0915,858,496
larceny theft rate2289.11837.3
motor vechicle theft17,587689,527
motor vehicle theft rate261.3216.2
451 cities in Arizona
Map City Population
Phoenix 1,563,025
Tucson 531,641
Mesa 471,825
Chandler 260,828
Gilbert 247,542
Glendale 240,126
Scottsdale 236,839
Tempe 175,826
Peoria 171,237
Surprise 128,422
15 counties in Arizona
County Population
Maricopa 4,485,414
Pima 1,047,279
Pinal 462,789
Yavapai 235,099
Yuma 213,787
Mohave 212,181
Coconino 143,476
Cochise 125,922
Navajo 110,924
Apache 71,887