established Dec. 14, 1819 formerly known as Alabama Territory
flag of Alabama
seal of Alabama
coat of arms of Alabama
Coat of arms
Alabama two letter code: AL
capital: Montgomery est. 1846
4,908,621 ( 94.65 people per square mile )
Cotton State
Heart of Dixie
Lizard State
Yellowhammer State
4 Neighboring States:
4 Areacodes:
205     251     256     334    
Airport : 185
Heliport : 94
Seaplane Base : 6
Electoral Votes: 9
State Motto: Audemus jura nostra defendere
english translation: We dare defend our rights!
Highest point in Alabama: Cheaha Mountain , 2,405 feet
fossil Basilosaurus whale
fossil scientific name Basilosaurus cetoides
tree Longleaf Pine
tree binomial nomenclature Pinus palustris
flower Camellia
flower scientificname Camellia japonica
fish Largemouth bass
fish binomial nomenclature Micropterus salmoides
bird Yellowhammer
game bird Wild turkey
shell Johnstone's junonia
reptile Alabama red-bellied turtle
reptile scientific name Pseudemys alabamensis
insect Monarch butterfly
insect scientific name Danaus plexippus
horse Racking Horse
butterfly Monarch butterfly (state insect)
butterfly binomial nomenclature Danaus plexippus
amphibian Red Hills salamander
amphibian binomial nomenclature Phaeognathus hubrichti
land mammal American black bear
mineral Hematite
rock or stone Marble
gemstone Star blue quartz
zipcodes for Alabama : 35004 35005 35006 35007 35010 35011 35013
all 721 zipcodes for Alabama
Crime Chart Alabama Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 4,849,377 318,857,056
violent crimes 20,7271,197,987
violent crime rate427.4375.7
murder and manslaughter27614,249
murder and manslaughter rate5.74.5
rape rate41.336.6
robbery rate96.9102.2
aggravated assault13,745741,291
aggravated assault rate283.4232.5
property crimes154,0948,277,829
property crime rate3177.62596.1
burglary rate819.0542.5
larceny theft104,2385,858,496
larceny theft rate2149.51837.3
motor vechicle theft10,141689,527
motor vehicle theft rate209.1216.2
585 cities in Alabama
Map City Population
Birmingham 212,461
Montgomery 200,602
Mobile 194,288
Huntsville 190,582
Tuscaloosa 98,332
Hoover 84,848
Dothan 68,567
Auburn 62,059
Decatur 55,437
Madison 46,962
67 counties in Alabama
County Population
Jefferson 658,573
Mobile 413,210
Madison 372,909
Montgomery 226,486
Baldwin 223,234
Shelby 217,702
Tuscaloosa 209,355
Lee 164,542
Morgan 119,679
Calhoun 113,605