established March 4, 1791 formerly known as Province of New York and New Hampshire Grants (ownership disputed), Vermont Republic
flag of Vermont
seal of Vermont
coat of arms of Vermont
Coat of arms
Vermont two letter code: VT
capital: Montpelier est. 1805
Green Mountain State
14 Counties:
Addison County
Bennington County
Caledonia County
Chittenden County
Essex County
Franklin County
Grand Isle County
Lamoille County
Orange County
Orleans County
Rutland County
Washington County
Windham County
Windsor County
3 Neighboring States:
New Hampshire
New York
1 Areacodes:
Airport : 60
Heliport : 16
Seaplane Base : 5
Electoral Votes: 3
State Motto: Freedom and Unity
Highest point in Vermont: Mount Mansfield , 4393 feet
fossil Beluga whale
fossil scientific name Delphinapterus leucas
tree Sugar Maple
tree binomial nomenclature Acer saccharum
flower Red clover
flower scientificname Trifolium pratense
fish Brook trout
fish binomial nomenclature Salvelinus fontinalis
bird Hermit Thrush
reptile Painted turtle
reptile scientific name Chrysemys picta
insect European honey bee
insect scientific name Apis mellifera
horse Morgan (state animal)
butterfly Monarch butterfly (state butterfly)
butterfly binomial nomenclature Danaus plexippus
amphibian Northern leopard frog
amphibian binomial nomenclature Rana pipiens
land mammal Morgan horse
mineral Talc
rock or stone Granite / Marble / Slate
gemstone Grossular Garnet
zipcodes for Vermont : 05001 05031 05032 05033 05034 05035 05036
all 315 zipcodes for Vermont
Crime Chart Vermont Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 626,562 318,857,056
violent crimes 6221,197,987
violent crime rate99.3375.7
murder and manslaughter1014,249
murder and manslaughter rate1.64.5
rape rate17.636.6
robbery rate11.2102.2
aggravated assault432741,291
aggravated assault rate68.9232.5
property crimes9,5518,277,829
property crime rate1524.42596.1
burglary rate324.6542.5
larceny theft7,2735,858,496
larceny theft rate1160.81837.3
motor vechicle theft244689,527
motor vehicle theft rate38.9216.2
Bennington (15,345)
Brattleboro (11,679)
Burlington (42,452)
Colchester (17,383)
Essex (20,946)
Essex Junction (10,111)
Milton (10,827)
Rutland (15,824)
South Burlington (18,791)