established Oct. 31, 1864 formerly known as Nevada Territory
flag of Nevada
seal of Nevada
Nevada two letter code: NV
capital: Carson City est. 1861
Battle Born State
Sagebrush State
Silver State
17 Counties:
Carson City
Churchill County
Clark County
Douglas County
Elko County
Esmeralda County
Eureka County
Humboldt County
Lander County
Lincoln County
Lyon County
Mineral County
Nye County
Pershing County
Storey County
Washoe County
White Pine County
5 Neighboring States:
2 Areacodes:
702     775    
Airport : 97
Gliderport : 1
Heliport : 27
Ultralight : 1
Electoral Votes: 6
State Motto: All For Our Country
Highest point in Nevada: Boundary Peak , 13140 feet
fossil Shonisaurus
fossil scientific name Shonisaurus popularis
tree Single-leaf Pinyon
tree binomial nomenclature Pinus monophylla
flower Sagebrush
flower scientificname Artemisia tridentata
grass Indian ricegrass
grass scientific name Oryzopsis hymenoides
fish Lahontan cutthroat trout
fish binomial nomenclature Oncorhynchus clarki (subspecies henshawi)
bird Mountain Bluebird
reptile Desert tortoise
reptile scientific name Gopherus agassizii
insect Vivid Dancer
insect scientific name Argia vivida
land mammal Desert bighorn sheep
mineral Silver
rock or stone Sandstone
gemstone Black fire opal / Turquoise
zipcodes for Nevada : 88901 88905 89001 89002 89003 89004 89005
all 230 zipcodes for Nevada
Crime Chart Nevada Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 2,839,099 318,857,056
violent crimes 18,0451,197,987
violent crime rate635.6375.7
murder and manslaughter17014,249
murder and manslaughter rate6.04.5
rape rate47.836.6
robbery rate209.7102.2
aggravated assault10,564741,291
aggravated assault rate372.1232.5
property crimes74,5388,277,829
property crime rate2625.42596.1
burglary rate772.3542.5
larceny theft42,4265,858,496
larceny theft rate1494.31837.3
motor vechicle theft10,185689,527
motor vehicle theft rate358.7216.2
Boulder City (15,551)
Carson City (54,521)
Elko (20,279)
Enterprise (124,564)
Fernley (19,418)
Gardnerville Ranchos (11,040)
Henderson (285,667)
Las Vegas (623,747)
Mesquite (17,496)
North Las Vegas (234,807)
Pahrump (35,009)
Paradise (223,182)
Reno (241,445)
Spanish Springs (15,322)
Sparks (96,094)
Spring Creek (14,012)
Spring Valley (183,937)
Summerlin South (25,315)
Sun Valley (18,778)
Sunrise Manor (187,647)
Whitney (39,458)
Winchester (28,111)