established Dec. 7, 1787 formerly known as Lower Counties on Delaware, then sovereign state in Confederation
flag of Delaware
seal of Delaware
coat of arms of Delaware
Coat of arms
Delaware two letter code: DE
capital: Dover est. 1777
Chemical Capital of the World
Corporate Capital
Diamond State
Blue Hen State or Blue Hen Chicken State
The First State
Peach State
Small Wonder
5 Counties:
Kent County
New Castle County
New Castle County/Kent County
Sussex County
Sussex County/Kent County
3 Neighboring States:
New Jersey
1 Areacodes:
Airport : 31
Heliport : 10
Electoral Votes: 3
State Motto: Liberty and Independence
Highest point in Delaware: Ebright Azimuth , 442 feet
fossil Belemnite
fossil scientific name Belemnitella americana
tree American Holly
tree binomial nomenclature Ilex opaca
flower Peach blossom
flower scientificname Prunus persica
fish Weakfish
fish binomial nomenclature Cynoscion regalis
bird Blue Hen Chicken
wildlife mammal Grey fox
insect 7-spotted ladybug
insect scientific name Coccinella septempunctata
butterfly Eastern tiger swallowtail
butterfly binomial nomenclature Papilio glaucus
dog Golden Retriever
mineral Sillimanite
zipcodes for Delaware : 19701 19702 19703 19706 19707 19709 19711
all 87 zipcodes for Delaware
Crime Chart Delaware Crime (2014) USA Crime (2014)
population 935,614 318,857,056
violent crimes 4,5761,197,987
violent crime rate489.1375.7
murder and manslaughter5414,249
murder and manslaughter rate5.84.5
rape rate41.336.6
robbery rate135.6102.2
aggravated assault2,867741,291
aggravated assault rate306.4232.5
property crimes27,9008,277,829
property crime rate2982.02596.1
burglary rate616.5542.5
larceny theft20,8655,858,496
larceny theft rate2230.11837.3
motor vechicle theft1,267689,527
motor vehicle theft rate135.4216.2
Bear (19,732)
Brookside (13,585)
Dover (37,522)
Glasgow (14,962)
Hockessin (13,620)
Middletown (20,372)
Milford (10,252)
Newark (33,817)
Pike Creek Valley (10,509)
Smyrna (11,319)
Wilmington (71,948)